Marriage & Pre-Marital

Relationships are messy, painful, confusing and time-consuming. They are also what we are designed for as people. For many, the relationship of a spouse or fiancé can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. You may love your partner but simultaneously find yourself at the end of your rope, constantly flustered, angry or calloused to the one who you most love.

You don’t have to go through the cycles of suffering and bitterness that ensnare so many couples. There is hope for you to create healthy patterns and rhythms of life together. You can be prepared for the inevitable hard times together while also addressing past hurts, traumas and suffering – whether experienced directly from your partner or not. The future is not yet written and your marriage or relationship can flourish.

For pre-marital counseling, we integrate the Prepare/Enrich curriculum alongside and emotionally-focused therapeutic approach. For marriage counseling it is a solutions-focused and emotionally focused therapeutic approach so you can access your emotions, see your partners emotions and re-focus on healthy attachments.


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