Everyone has worries in this life and means of coping. But when anxiety hits you find yourself worried in ways that don’t really make sense to those around you. In fact, it might not make sense to you, but you can’t let go of the thoughts. The anxiety keeps you up at night, prevents you from engaging with friends or environments you actually desire but can’t face. You might even have great reasons why your life is limited, but ultimately, you’re living with a deep fear and worry that is preventing you from doing what you want. Perhaps you’ve become so consumed with the worries that they paralyze you or send you spiraling out of control into a panic attack.

Anxiety doesn’t need to debilitate you. Whether you’re dealing with clinical anxiety or a more everyday form, there are healthy ways to look into your current reality, name what is true, and walk in freedom in spite of the fears. Through mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and speaking to your heart as you listen to it, you can be liberated.


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